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A Quick Guide to our Gaming Bundles

Written by
Kiri Broad

Getting started in gaming isn’t always easy. Sure, you can pick up a controller and play. But why settle for less when you can easily get the best? We know you’re nodding in agreement, and we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been empowering gamers for over twenty years with our gaming accessories. Whether you are team PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox, we’ve got everything you need for the ultimate gaming experience. But why bother with one, when you can bundle up to grab yourself a bargain.

Don’t drown in the deep end, get diving in to gaming with confidence with our quick guide to our gaming bundles.

Wait, what’s a gaming bundle?

Gaming shouldn’t be complicated, so it’s simple. Gaming bundles are curated collections of gaming accessories you can grab together for a special price. If bargain hunting is your thing, gaming bundles should be right up your street.

Why do I need a gaming bundle?

Why wouldn’t you need a gaming bundle? Seriously, they bring together the best gaming accessories to get you started, or help you upgrade your current set-up.

Nothing’s worse than skipping out on a session of Fortnite because your controller’s low on juice. And it’s even worse if you can’t talk to your squad at the same time. Bundle up and you’ll never go a day without gaming, or without your mates. If this was a game of Sims, gaming bundles would fill all your meters up.

If you’re getting into streaming your gaming, you’ll need a stylish set-up to stand out. Our bundles bring together the best of our accessories to give you that special something.

What consoles do you have gaming bundles for?

It’s the biggest debate to destroy friendships since choosing between Team Edward and Team Jacob. We’ve got gaming bundles for PlayStation and Xbox gamers. What can we say? We like a console war.

To get down to the nitty gritty, we offer the following bundles:

What’s included in the PS5 accessories bundle

For just £39.99, our PS5 accessories bundle includes our:

Why should I buy a PS5 accessories bundle?

You can keep your controllers fully charged and ready for your next gaming session, enjoy perfect sound clarity with the Sabre StereoGaming headset and when you’re done, put your DualSense controller neatly away on the controller rack.

What features does your Twin Docking Station for PS5 have?

Since launching our first ever docking station way back in 2009, we’ve learnt a thing or two about getting the best out of your controllers. That’s why our Twin Docking Station is jam-packed with the following features:

  1. Includes a charging dongle for easy drop and charge
  2. Drop and charge design removes the need for fiddly wired charging connectors
  3. Front LED charge indicator glows red when charging and turns blue when power is fully restored
  4. Includes detachable 1 metre USB to USB type C braided charging cable offering complete flexibility with placement
  5. Additional rear USB port to allow charging of other devices
  6. Non-slip feet
  7. Continues to charge when console is placed in standby mode

What features does your Sabre Stereo Gaming headset have?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to be playing Elden Ring until the early hours. Well, our Sabre Stereo Gaming headset lets you game in complete comfort. But it’s not just for comfort, it’s for quality too. Here’s all the features this headset holds:

  1. 50mm speaker drivers provide superior depth and clarity      
  2. Fully retractable flexible microphone      
  3. Self-adjusting cushioned headband for the perfect fit  
  4. Soft cushioned ear cups for maximum comfort    
  5. In-line controls with microphone mute function    
  6. 1.2metre braided cable with 3.5mm jack    
  7. Includes splitter cable for PC users

What features does your controller rack have?

We’ve all been there. It’s time to dash to dinner or hop in the shower, so let’s just chuck our controllers anywhere. But controllers are key to the gaming experience, and they’ve got feelings too. Store them away stylishly and neatly with our controller rack.

Need more persuading? Here’s it’s features:

  1. Stores up to two controllers
  2. Innovative space saving storage racks for your controllers
  3. Sturdy design that hooks securely to the side of your console
  4. Rubberised contact protectors prevent damage to your console
  5. Designed to aesthetically match your console

What’s included in the Xbox Series X/S & One accessories bundle?

For just £35.99, our Xbox Series X/S & One accessories bundle includes our:

Why should I buy a Xbox Series X/S & One accessories bundle?

Why shouldn’t you is the real question here. Dock, store and charge your controllers with this backwards compatible docking station and enjoy immersive in-game sound with the Sabre Stereo Gaming Headset.

What features does your Xbox One Twin Docking Station have?

When you’re in a hurry, you might not have time to worry about keeping your controllers charged. That’s why we’ve made sure you can just drop them in and go, leaving them to charge the day/night/forever away.

But they don’t just do that. Here’s all its features:

  1. Fast efficient charging with x2 powerful 850mAh rechargeable battery packs        
  2. Drop and go design removes the need to connect fiddly wires        
  3. FrontLED charge indicator glows red when charging and turns green when power is fully restored        
  4. Includes detachable 2 metre USB to USB type C braided charging cable offering complete flexibility with placement        
  5. Additional rear USB port to allow charging of other devices        
  6. Continues to charge when console is placed in standby mode        
  7. Compatible with both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One

What’s included in the Xbox Series X accessories bundle?

For just £42.99, our Xbox Series X accessories bundleincludes our:

Why should I buy a Xbox Series X accessories bundle?

Your Series X deserves the best, doesn’t it? This bundle has everything you need to game like a pro.

What features does the Colour Change LED Stand have?

Like a loot crate but way cooler, our Colour Change LED Stand for Xbox Series X makes your console the centrepiece of your set-up. And that’s not all. It’s got all these features to get excited about:

  1. Built in controls, including ON/OFF, colour settings, brightness, pulsing glow or solid light      
  2. 8 colour options including: blue, green, purple, red, orange, pink, white and multi colour cycle      
  3. Features 1 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB type C port    
  4. USB powered with 20cm cable which plugs directly into your console

Can I start gaming now?

Absolutely you can. Simply pick up the gaming bundle for your chosen console, stick on your favourite game, and get playing.

But if you find you need a little more to your bundle, don’t be afraid to check out our full gaming accessories range here.

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