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5 Best YouTubers for Planet Zoo Inspiration

Written by
Sarah Hook

If you're a fan of Planet Zoo you know all too well that sometimes your imagination is limited by your own ability and the steep learning curve of the controls results in frustration rather than the Zoo of your dreams - that's where our list of YouTubers comes in. Whether you're after detailed tutorials to follow again to or just want to see what the game can do in the hands of a talented builder


First up on our list is PawsBuild, if you need a tutorial for Planet Zoo this channel is your go to spot, their playlist for if you're new to Planet Zoo covers everything you need to get you started and their speed builds and lets plays will keep you coming back for all the Zoo inspiration you could need.

Rudi Rennkamel

Sometimes when playing games such as Planet Zoo the aim isn't to build a super realistic Zoo you'd expect to see everyday, Rudi's take on using iconic movies as inspiration for his builds make his videos not only entertaining but the attention to detail is incredibly impressive. Their Jumanji habitat is one of our personal favourites.


Next up on our list is Geekism, one of the series he runs on his channel which is named "Pimp My Habitat" helps teach other players simple and effective ways to turn habitats from bland to beautiful.


To get a full view of what Franchise mode entails look no further than DeLadysigner's YouTube channel and the playlists for any Zoo type you can think of - Desert Zoo? Check. Grassland Zoo? Check. City Zoo? Check.


Last but certainly not least we have ZSHplays who is another creator with an incredible eye for detail with some of the most impressive builds on our list, they have a series named Planet Wild where they recreate natural environments in Planet Zoo ranging from the Antarctic to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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